The Effect Of Psychological Violence On Physical State

The Effect of Psychological Violence on Physical StateViolence is a type of behavior in a social or personal relationship that is intended to harm or offend another person.

There are many types and levels of violence.

Sometimes it is so invisible that it is difficult to detect, sometimes only the effects of psychological violence help to notice it.

A person may be under pressure for a long time and person not even realize what is happening. This is psychological violence.

Although a person does not suffer from actual injuries, it also affects their health.

This social problem causes psychological pain, which leads to serious long-term health problems.

What is psychological violence?

Psychological violence is a type of verbal (non-physical) violence that consists of humiliation, insults, isolation, or intimidation. A person does not have any physical damage, such as bumps, scratches, or bruises. It is sometimes difficult to prove because the word of the victim is opposed to the word of the abuser.

The essence of such violent actions is to subdue the will of another person and destroy his self-esteem through constant pressure. It manifests itself as a cry or humiliation directed against the dignity of the victim.

Physical consequences of psychological violence

1. Sleep problems

Psychological violence usually leads to sleep problems. Excessive pressure and verbal abuse cause anxiety, stress, and insomnia. When a person is constantly humiliated, it can increase the risk of developing nervous disorders and heart problems.

2. Digestive disorders

Victims of psychological violence very often suffer from eating disorders. In addition to the direct impact of stress on the digestive system, it is also worth mentioning the role of self-esteem. When a person stops believing in himself and feels as if he is worthless, it leads to many symptoms, such as:

  • loss of appetite;
  • poor self-control;
  • indifference to proper nutrition.

Eating disorders are diseases in which a person has a distorted view of their appearance and figure. Certain factors can cause such disorders as feelings of loneliness, frustration, restrained anger, or stress.

Gastritis (acute abdominal pain, heartburn, and burning sensation) are also very common as a result of psychological violence.

3. Hypertension

Blood pressure is another consequence of the effects of physical violence on the body. A person lives in a state of constant tension and readiness to defend himself, and blood pressure rises. The brain sends signals to the body, warning it of a possible threat, and the body begins to pump blood more intensely.

If you are constantly under pressure, over time it will lead to the development of hypertension. This is a protective reaction of the body, which is usually manifested in people who are subjected to psychological violence.

4. Depression

Due to psychological violence, the victim develops a depressed state and deep emotional feelings. It has many symptoms that lead to illness or psychological disorders:

  • blackmail;
  • uncontrolled jealousy;
  • deprivation of liberty and control over money;
  • offensive and derogatory nicknames;
  • full control of social relations;
  • intrusion into private space;
  • screams, insults, and contempt;
  • control over what the victim wears;
  • intimate relations without mutual consent;
  • domination and subjugation.

With such violence, it is not surprising that the victim feels devastated even without physical pressure. The fact is that the aggressor is usually a partner or close relative of the victim.

Tips for preventing psychological violence

To avoid becoming a victim and not feeling the effects of psychological violence, keep in mind these tips:

  • A person who loves you will not make you cry.
  • Do not treat shouting or anger as something acceptable or normal.
  • Never allow insults, verbal attacks, or derogatory behavior.
  • Your opinion is no less important than the opinion of others.
  • Nobody belongs to anyone.
  • Do not justify or defend cruel behavior.
  • You can’t always forgive.
  • If you are afraid of your partner, it is not loving.

Being courteous to one another and saying please, I love you, or thank you are simple things that mean a lot in a relationship.

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