Natural remedies can cure insomnia and bring peaceful sleep

Natural remedies can cure insomnia and bring peaceful sleep Many people tend to consider sleep as more of a luxury than a necessity. There are individuals ready to spent several hours at workplace and add up more activities. Often people end up delaying their physical and mental recharge by giving up on sufficient amount of sleep. As soon the person decides to lie down, charged up minds may not be willing to do so. According to a sleeping specialist Ahmed, there are a number of reasons responsible for the complex condition known as Insomnia.

There are prescription sleeping aids but natural remedies could be more helpful. It includes things like lifestyle change in terms of supplements, foods and herbs. The melatonin hormone is responsible for regulation of wake or sleep cycle. It acts like an internal peacemaker having control over timings and natural drive for peaceful sleep. It also leads to drowsiness, low body temperature and taking the body into sleeping mode. Research outcomes on melatonin show contradictory results.

Drinking warm milk prior to going bed can be a great remedy for insomnia. The calcium rich almond milk assist the brain in producing melatonin. Additionally, warm milk can also spark relaxing and pleasant memories. Sleeping time snacks which have balanced levels of carbohydrates and proteins are suitable sleep inducing food items. According to an expert psychologist, half banana combined with a tablespoon of the peanut butter should be fine. People may also have whole wheat cracker along with cheese about half an hour before going to bed.

Magnesium is known to play an important role in sleep and research reveals that even a slight absense of it may stop the brain from having a peaceful sleep. It is obtained from food sources such as wheat germ, green vegetables, almonds, pumpkin seeds, etc. It is much better to check with doctors before consuming magnesium supplements for it may interact with several different medications.

According to research, the lavender oil has a calming effect and encourages sleep in the people suffering from insomnia. Experts say that lavender oil can be taken with hot bath for physical and mental relaxation. According to Atlanta psychiatrist Tracey, valerian root as a medicinal herb is useful in treating sleep problems from times unknown. It may take some time show effects and a wiser approach should be consulting the doctor and follow directions prior to consumption.

L-theanine is an amino acid present in green leaves which helps in combating anxiety. According to a 2007 research study, it lowered heart rate and immunological reply to stress. It is known to work out by lifting the levels of the feel-good hormone. Certain lifestyle changes can also help in combating insomnia to a certain level. According to experts, keeping the sleep surroundings darker by moving television out of bedroom can be a good step.

Taking appliances away from bedroom and leaving bedroom to read if sleep doesn’t occur within half an hourĀ  is a step in right direction. Exercising early in the morning and maintaining tranquil surroundings are other natural remedies to get rid of insomnia.

Image credit: Marcos Calvo Mesa