5 Steps To Mental Health

We know what to do to stay physically healthy: eat right, exercise, not overwork and walk a lot. It turned out that one of these works also for mental health. If you’re not sick, a few good habits will help you improve your mood.

What do you need for a healthy mind

A person needs to know that he can do what he wants. A sense of confidence, satisfaction with life, joy and busyness, a sense of oneness with the world are also important for the mental state, as is self-esteem. A person needs good relationships that bring satisfaction.

Happiness is part of mental health. But happiness is not everything.

A person cannot be happy always. A healthy person knows that he has enough strength and flexibility to cope. No one can provide a person with this well-being better than himself. The UK National Health Service believes that it takes only five steps.

1.Chat with people

With your family, friends or colleagues, neighbors. You don’t need to talk to everyone in a row, especially if the very thought of calling relatives is terrifying.

We understand that we receive support and ourselves support others. And even an important detail: if the people around you are prosperous and know how to be happy, you learn the same from them.

2. Always keep learning

Learning helps keep your brain toned and reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. It also gives a reason to love yourself, like sports. We learn, so we are great. It is very important to feel comfortable.

It is not at all necessary to learn foreign languages ​​or get another higher education. The process itself is important: read professional literature to develop skills. Go to cooking classes. Read non-fiction and fiction books. Learn new knitting patterns or make original bike storage stands.

3. Move

To move, you can not go to the gym or jog. It is important that the body works, and how exactly is a matter of choice. Some people like team games like volleyball, some people like to dance, and some people like to walk with a dog. Activity is necessary not only for the body but also for the brain.

4. Do good

Say “thank you” to the bus driver who brought you to work in the morning, wish the guard good morning, smile at the cashier at the supermarket. It is not difficult, but the brain puts such actions into the “good deeds” piggy bank, and this affects the same chemistry as sports.

5. Do not break away from reality

It is important for mental health to live in the present without thinking about the past and what has not happened (and may never happen).

You need to live in the present, feel yourself and your body. Some call this state the mindfulness.

This is a state in which you know exactly what is happening around you and with you. 

Thanks to awareness, we make the right decisions because we understand all the circumstances and know what we want. Awareness is not just a beautiful word, but a way of perceiving life. It is needed for our mental health.

Picture Credit: Unsplash