Why Do Bruises Appear Randomly For No Reason

Why Do Bruises Appear Randomly For No ReasonIf bruises appear, then the capillaries are very thin.

When you hit something and then a bruise appears, that’s fine. But sometimes they arise from nowhere, you begin to think why.

The most common causes of bruises on the body:


Hematomas can be caused by excessive accumulation of toxins in the blood and tissues.

Nutrient Deficiency

If the body lacks vitamins B, C A, D, or folic acid, then bruises may appear on the body.


Over time, the skin becomes thinner, and the protective layer, which protects the capillary vessels from ruptures, becomes weak, which causes bruising.

Blood diseases

Hemophilia, thrombocytopenia, lupus, cirrhosis and leukemia cause hematomas in the body.

Excessive loads

Also, bruises appear due to large loads, when there is a rupture of blood vessels.

Which doctor to contact

Initially, you need to contact the therapist. He will prescribe the necessary examinations and, if necessary, refer him to a hematologist. It will be necessary to pass the usual blood test, in which you can determine the overall level of platelets and hemoglobin. Additional biochemical blood test will evaluate the work of the liver and kidneys. You will need a blood sample for clotting. If necessary, additional ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs is done. The further direction of examinations and therapy is determined by the doctor based on the results of the tests.

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