How To Improve Your Memory

Tips To Improve Your MemoryThere are simple brain hacks to improve your memory. Neurons in the brain together form a complex system. It is thanks to this connection that a person can remember things, people, and places, as well as assimilate and process a large amount of new information.

  • Stress is one of the main enemies of memory. That is why, during a stressful situation, you should calm down for a moment, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and try to remember what you were doing at that moment, which you cannot now describe in detail.
  • Deep breathing while studying is another great tactic for absorbing new information quickly.
  • If you have a lot to learn and remember, try using your imagination and schematizing information. Thus, new knowledge will settle more easily in your memory.
  • Memory cannot exist separately from feelings, and they, in turn, are its trigger.
    Why do so-called memory lapses occur? Most often, their reason is a lack of concentration on details.
  • Writing down key ideas on paper will help you remember the details. In this way, you will not only better absorb what you read, but you will also be able to re-read your notes later and refresh your memory.

Tips for good memory

  • If an idea or information is not clear to you, it will be more difficult to remember it. However, if you try to analyze it better, you will be able to establish a relationship between the incomprehensible elements, and then they will connect in a logical chain.
  • For better assimilation of information, it is worth classifying it. For example, you can divide your to-do list into household and work responsibilities, as well as leisure activities. These tasks can be classified by block, list, or even done in alphabetical order.
  • Sometimes speaking the information out loud helps to remember the details better. When you say a word, you try to remember how it sounds, and that’s why it gets stuck in your memory.
  • When you are trying to remember new information, try to make an association with something that is already familiar to you. If you build logical connections between new details and information already available in the brain, it will be much easier for you to encode first, and at the right moment to retrieve the necessary detail from memory, because the association will help you in this.
    If you want to remember someone’s name, you need to make a logical connection between the name and some special feature of that person or something that reminds you of them. At first glance, this advice may seem a little strange, but it really works.
  • One of the best ways to commit new information to your memory for a long time is to explain it to someone else.

Life hacks to improve your memory

1. Length of words and numbers

This rule will make it easier for you to remember long numbers. Each number must be replaced by a word that contains the same number of letters that represents the number you need. In this way, you can form whole sentences.

The longer the number, the better the process of memorizing it will stimulate your memory.

2. Fable for memory

The trick to this life hack is that in order to remember a certain idea or piece of information, you need to make up a story that contains all the details that are new to you.

The whole story is much easier to remember than individual words.

3. Illogical thoughts

This hack has some similarities with the previous one. Our brains tend to remember meaningless sets of words or invented fables much better than logical thoughts.

In order to commit a new idea or piece of information to memory, make up a story out of words that have no meaning.

4. The first letter

The first letter of each word you need to remember can be used to build a simple phrase.

If you choose unusual or ironic words, it will be even easier to remember them. You can invent a new word formed from the first letters of those words that you need to store in your memory for a long time.

5. The law of the place of action

This way of remembering is to make an association between a place and a route you know.

When you’re trying to remember where to put things in your home, you should mentally sort all the items according to their functions in the house.

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