New Food Pyramid For The Healthy Body

New Food Pyramid for the Healthy Body

If you want to always feel good, you should pay special attention to nutrition. The best way to make your daily diet balanced is to consume healthy foods from different food groups. Also, keep in mind the need to exercise regularly to strengthen your muscles and keep fit.

The Spanish Association for the Control of the Quality of Nutrition of Citizens has recently offered some innovative tips for the correct selection of the daily diet. Also, employees of the association made several changes to the so-called “Food Pyramid”. In this way, the representatives of the association try to explain to the general public how to lead a healthy lifestyle and improve its overall quality.

A new food pyramid and a healthy lifestyle

Remember that the basis of a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise and maintaining a stable weight. In this case, you can do any exercise that you like best.

The most important thing is to take care of maintaining a good shape, gradually achieve success in sports, as well as make efforts to improve the heart and immune system. If you follow all these rules, you will be able to prevent the development of many degenerative diseases.

When a person exercises regularly, it is easier to avoid any digestive problems, because the body has enough energy to properly perform all important functions. If you want to live in a normal mode and be able to perform all the planned activities every day, be sure to worry about replenishing energy reserves in the body.

If you overeat or eat something harmful, exercise will help you burn extra calories and prevent them from turning into fat.

Consume foods from different food groups

The second step of the food pyramid involves the consumption of foods belonging to different food groups. A balanced diet must include whole grains, foods with moderate starch content, and carbohydrates.

Remember to eat fresh vegetables and fruits at least 2-3 times a day. These foods contain essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. That is why it is very important to eat fruits and vegetables regularly.

We recommend choosing fresh fruit for dessert instead of high-calorie sweets high in fat and sugar. First of all, with the help of fruit, you can get rid of cravings for sweets. Second, you can eat fruit without fear of harming your body, gaining extra pounds, or provoking the development of obesity.

Dairy foods should also be in the diet. If you have lactose intolerance, choose an alternative that can replace dairy foods (including vegetable milk). Remember that there is a large selection of low-fat and low-calorie dairy foods for those who are watching their figure.

It is difficult to imagine a balanced diet without lean white meat and fish. The best to choose foods low in fat. It is better to cook fish and meat in the oven, steamed or grilled. These foods should be supplemented with eggs and foods high in vegetable protein.

Periodic easing of the regime

At the top of this pyramid are foods that can be consumed in small quantities only from time to time. Examples include sausages and fatty red meat.

To ensure that these foods do not harm your health and do not offset the results of proper nutrition, we recommend that you do not cook them with the addition of harmful fats. It is better to serve red meat with vegetables and use only useful fats for its preparation.

The new food pyramid also allows moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages in special cases. It is no secret that red and white wine, as well as beer, in small quantities can even be good for the body.

However, you should not exceed the recommended norm, which is one serving of the drink per week. Don’t forget to maintain the water balance as well. This requires drinking clean water before and after drinking alcohol.

Foods that can only be eaten from time to time also include foods high in sugar and saturated fat. This applies to ice cream, deep-fried donuts, pastries, and harmful snacks.

Nutritional vitamin supplements

At the very top of the new food pyramid are vitamin supplements. If you want to replenish nutrients in the body, you need to eat as many healthy foods. Vitamin supplements will help because a person cannot physically eat all the foods he needs in sufficient quantities.

Vitamin supplements will help you get those vitamins and minerals that your body lacks.

Remember that before making these supplements a part of the daily diet, you should consult a doctor, because the use of these substances should always be carried out only under medical supervision.

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