Exercise benefits adults suffering from ADHD

Exercise benefits for adults suffering from ADHDApart from children, there are many adults suffering from ADHD. This disease condition is responsible for making it difficult in adults to control emotions, accomplish tasks and pay attention. Both the kids and adults are prescribed medications and stimulants to control the symptoms. These people can also undergo therapy sessions to remain focussed and become more organised. There is a kind of treatment for ADHD without any visit to physician’s office or any prescription. It is exercise which is also highlighted by a research that relates improved thinking ability to regular fitness. Similarly, exercise may also improve its symptoms among the adults.

The disorder isn’t limited to affect a certain category of children. Up to 30%-70% people run the risk of developing symptoms after growing up. Similarly, people that weren’t diagnosed in lower ages can develop some obvious symptoms at the time of adulthood. This leads to trouble and unfavourable situations in relationships and jobs. Some adults may have no idea of suffering the disorder for a long time. More often, it leaves them clueless in terms of finding the reason for things going against them.

Exercise has numerous benefits for the brain and keeps it in better health. It isn’t limited to toning muscles and shedding extra fats. Whenever a person exercises, the brain releases certain chemicals known as neurotransmitters. It includes dopamine which aids in terms of clear thinking and attention. Individuals suffering from ADHD lack enough dopamine in their brains compared to normal cases.

Stimulant medicines useful in treating the condition among adults increase the level of dopamine inside the brain. Thus, it is sensible to arrive at a conclusion that workout may bring similar consequences as the stimulant drugs. Achieving a level of fitness may bring the below mentioned health benefits among adults suffering from ADHD.

  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Improves compulsive behaviour and impulse control
  • Enhances the working memory
  • Improves execution abilities. It is usually a set of skills required for planning, organising and remembering details
  • Raises standards of brain achieved neurotrophic factor. It is a protein which is involved in memory and learning. This is usually short in supply with people suffering from ADHD.

There are many reasons to exercise apart from fighting the symptoms of the disorder. Exercise on a regular basis helps you in maintaining a healthy body weight and physique. It has significance for people suffering from this disorder are more likely to turn obese, report research evidences. Regular exercise lowers the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and different kinds of cancer.

Exercise regulates the cholesterol and blood pressure levels. It helps in keeping them under controllable limits. On a daily basis, exercise strengthens the bones, improves self esteem and lifts the mood. Different experts may have different set of opinions on the healthy benefits of exercise. In general, most of the experts agree upon the requirement for 150 minutes of exercise per week in moderate intensity. It can be divided into regular exercise of 30 minutes per day for five days in a week.

Image credit: kzenon