Anxiety disorder and its kinds


When suffering from anxiety, it is natural that you should try to cure yourself as fast as a practicable. The traditional methods of treatment include medications such as Xanax or going for psychiatric treatments like cognitive behavioural therapy. There is something, however, that needs to be known before pursuing the proper kind of treatment: it is the kind of anxiety disorder that the person is suffering from.

We would discuss few among the kinds of anxiety along with the anxiety natural remedies. The first kind we shall discuss here is the panic disorder. The disorder is featured with feelings of terror and panic. These symptoms are often developed in warning with no prior symptoms. The panic, in such cases, can be caused due to no apparently visible reason. When this strikes all of a sudden, it is termed an attack. An attack is often accompanied with such symptoms as palpitations, sweating, chest pain, breathlessness, along with feelings of being choked. Several people confuse the panic attack as heart attack.

The other disorder we shall discuss here is the OCD or the obsessive compulsive disorder. The characteristics of the disorder involve nagging thoughts along with fear that makes a person think about something in an obsessive manner. The person then follows such routines and actions in order to get rid of such fears. These thoughts are termed obsessions whereas these actions are termed compulsions.

A therapist would most likely prescribe medications so that it can be dealt with in a more effective manner. However, unfortunately, such medications are not without side effects which often prove worse than OCD itself in some cases.

The reason for choosing the anxiety natural remedies over prescribed medicines therefore becomes apparent. In fact, the natural remedies are best and should be preferred over harsher medicines. What we are referring to is the over the counter Xanax as well as medications which have the same effect as the prescribed drugs but are without harmful effects.

If professional care seems unaffordable or a fast solution is desired, such treatments should be really helpful. It should be known that such disorders can take place along with other disorders such as depression, which calls for immediate psychological evaluation. In case you are not comfortable with the current treatment plan, you can consult your psychologist. The psychologist can find out natural remedy which can be more effective and that would not leave you feeling drained.

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