Role played by IPL therapy in the treatment of vascular conditions

Surgery has always been considered to be the only recourse in treating spider veins and other such vascular issues. But now, one can consider IPL instead. IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is designed to treat broken capillaries, age spots, spider veins and other such skin conditions.

Collagen production is encouraged by IPL, giving the skin a lot more fullness. It helps one to appear more youthful by giving in an abundance of even skin, less blotchiness and smaller pores. Additionally, it also helps in removing unnecessary hairy areas.

Fair complexioned people are ideally suited for this treatment along with those suffering from sun damage. IPL can also be used in treating sagging skin or sun spots. People suffering from multiple skin issues can be treated single-handedly by IPL and that too, at the same time. The familiar sounding term “photo facial” is another name for this treatment.

Many might confuse IPL with that of laser treatments, but both are completely different. Polychromatic light gets relayed, in short bursts, into the skin. The bursts are actually very powerful and gets down under the skin’s surface. The blood vessels and uneven skin tone creating skin pigments are damaged by this light, stimulating the healing process and producing both elastin and collagen. The end-result is that the skin becomes a lot more firm and smooth.

IPL won’t be producing results overnight but gradually, one might get to see the results. Normally, one treatment is needed every month for 6 months. After that, a striking difference can be noticed in the skin’s quality. Obviously, this method is not at all a cue for all and is not at all as effective when compared with laser treatment in removing wrinkles or other such deep-set conditions. But as far as improving the skin’s look is concerned, there is no better alternative to IPL.

Only drawback is that hyper-pigmentation can be caused in dark-skinned individuals. Also, it should not be considered to be the last resort in treating hair removal.  Generally, most of the people who have been treated with IPL are quite happy with the way things have progressed. The end-result might be far from what one may expect but no doubt, IPL will be bringing in a pleasant change to the skin’s texture and appearance.

Author Bio: This article is written by Tony Rollan on behalf of  TLC Aesthetics led by Dr. Charles Talakkottur who has been practicing in the Tampa Bay area for about 6 years working as an internist.  Igor likes has worked for several years as a marketing consultant for many local companies in Tampa FL and he also likes to blog on various topics.