Medical Rubber: Life Savers

Rubber is a material that possesses a lot of qualities that can help a patient be comfortable and even save their lives. Rubbers have perfect surfaces, elastic, flexible, odorless, and resilient. While medical equipment and devices are exposed to pressure from different agents, rubber becomes officially the perfect material for medical products.

Invalid Air Cushions

There are different kinds of invalid air cushions. Some air cushions are single chambered while others are multi-chambered. Some air cushions are rectangular while some are round. Choosing among available invalid air cushions should depend upon the needs and preferences of the patient. Invalid air cushions are needed by bed-ridden patients for comfort. Most invalid air cushions are manually inflated. These are also available in different sizes such as 30cm, 35cm, 41cm, 46cm, and 50cm.

Enema Syringes

Enema syringes are usually tested through running water in it. This will make sure that the enema syringe is clean. This is use to inject water to the patient’s system. It is important to have the bulb’s walls made from top grade rubber so that it will surely be durable. Another thing to consider is the size of this device’s components in relation to each other since this is assembled before use.

Airway Tubes

Airway tubes are used for patients who are gasping for breath or are having difficulties in breathing. One example of these tubes is the nasopharyngeal airway tube which is stick up to the patient’s nostril. However, the person needs to make sure that this will be inserted to the nostril without any trauma. Before this is inserted, it is advised to apply jelly water as lubricant to avoid too much pain from the insertion. It should not be used on patients who suffered head trauma.

Atomizer Bulbs

Atomizer bulbs are used to diffuse powder to throat, tooth socket, nose, ear, and body orifice and its surfaces evenly. It is best to choose the atomizer bulb which has a spray tube. The spray tube allows for easier and more convenient application. Some atomizers have adjustable tips. These adjustable tips are used to make certain adjustments to the direction of powder application. It may be adjusted to go up or down. Some atomizer bulbs can also handle water and oil solutions.


There are three kinds of catheters. First is the indwelling catheter which is usually inserted into the urethra. It has a small, inflated balloon at the end so that the catheter will remain intact inside the patient’s body. The second kind is condom catheters which are mostly used for patients who suffer from dementia. It is just like a condom which is attached to a bag. For hygiene, it should be replaced daily. The last one is the short-term catheter.

Author Bio: Jacob Martin has been owner of Mojo Rubber Tracks and Vega Flooring for four years now and has over 10 years in the industry.  He also loves to write and like to contribute regularly to blogs and magazines.