Dangers of Ignoring Cataract Symptoms

The ophthalmologists are urging the seniors and also the caregivers to make them conscious of the risks and dangers involved when the symptoms of cataract are ignored. This has been identified as the most potent cause of vision impairment or blindness that is predicted to affect the Americans after eighty years of age. The ophthalmologists at the American Academy of Ophthalmology have warned the senior citizens while supporting the month of August for the Cataract Awareness Month. Delay in treatment and diagnosis of cataract related to age, can result in permanent vision impairment. It can result not only in a physical damage but also in a psychological damage.

The eye lens clouds and becomes causes indistinct vision and it is much common in the senior and aged. There are people who surrender in the face of this age related disease and often times do not go for the treatment as well, accepting partial or complete blindness as inevitability. The blurred vision caused by cataract can result in incapacitation and leaving the disease untreated and undiagnosed would result in blindness which can result in physical injuries due to falling down and even psychological problems such as isolation and depression. Moreover, the greater is the period for which the cataract is left without treatment the more challenging and damaging it becomes.

The senior people who are around sixty five years of age should undergo routine ocular monitoring and checkups in order to examine the eye condition because cataract is an age related problem. Glaucoma and AMD are common consequences of leaving cataract untreated and undiagnosed. Those that are diabetic, or have a family history of cataracts, or are smokers, lie at a greater risk of falling prey to this ocular disease, as the experts in ophthalmology say. The common symptoms of the disease include dull and blurry vision where colors do not look vibrant. The affected person would see halo around the lights. It must be mentioned in this regard that the appropriate ophthalmic equipment is a necessity to cure the symptoms.

Surgery is the most useful procedure of treating cataract. However, ophthalmology says that it should be conducted only when daily activities become difficult due to completely blurred vision. In case, if performance of daily activities and regular tasks becomes a problem, an ophthalmologist should be immediately consulted as the sufferer may be in need of surgery. However, if the sufferer faces little difficulty, the trouble may be cured by just changing the eyeglass instead of conducting a surgery, unless he faces severe vision impairment.

The right ophthalmic equipment for detecting cataract is available at any ophthalmology center that specializes in the treatment. The experts in ophthalmology offer trusted treatment and correct medical opinion. In fact, some of the ophthalmic centers offer medical facilities to senior citizens that are incapable of the financial burden. Cataract can be cured when treated in time, but when left without treatment or diagnosis can result in the most severe of vision impairment cases such as glaucoma or AMD.

Author Bio: Tony Rollan is working with VSI company (http://www.patternless.com/) and he is an author of many articles on health, ophthalmology, and optical equipment.