Keeping the liver healthy helps in living longer

Keeping the liver healthy helps in living longer There are innumerable benefits of a well maintained and healthy liver and long life is certainly one of them. It also makes the person feel younger, appear healthier and improves overall lifespan. There are several discussions regarding heart diseases and significance of low cholesterol levels for health. In such a scenario, often the significance of the healthy liver is overlooked. There is a need for discussing the role of liver to understand its real importance for various health benefits.

Liver is an organ which plays a significant role inside the body. It rests within the abdomen and helps in metabolism of fats and proteins. The body regulates sugar and also filters blood with the help of liver. It is done to eliminate numerous impurities and the liver works double hard. It is one of those organs working overtime during a women’s pregnancy. Whenever people develop undisciplined habits or those leading to extra weight gain, their livers are compelled to work overtime. One of the health positives include that doctors can monitor quality of a liver’s performance.

With the usual blood test, the doctors are able to analyze the enzymes of liver. The condition, size and health of liver can be monitored by ultrasound or a kind of X-Ray.  Liver is naturally entrusted with clearing the pollutants. However, there are certain chemicals responsible for derailing its efficacy which impacts the overall performance of this organ. Certain medications and alcohol are the main culprits and more so when combined together. The main dangers of blending alcohol and acetaminophen are nicely documented. When a person consumes both of them, his or her liver maybe subjected to growing impurities which can potentially damage its key ability to operate properly?

With the liver turning dysfunctional, impurities start building up within the blood stream. Sugar metabolism levels may also alter as a result. The hormones regulating mood and body energy levels are also impacted. In case the liver turns toxic or even sick to a point of being dysfunctional, there is a need for taking serious medical measures such as a transplant. Some diseases such as hepatitis along with viruses and bacteria may also impact the liver directly. There is no denying that damages done to any organ is just the outcome of adopting a faulty lifestyle. Protecting the liver is extremely essential and the easiest and simplest ways would be focusing on steps to improve lifestyle.

Some of the aforementioned suggestions may also sound commonplace but can also impact the liver positively. Proper exercising has more benefits on health compared to weight lifting and cardio training. Practice some relaxation exercises such as yoga and meditation. Go ahead by bringing improvement in sleeping patterns which allows proper rest as well as recovery time to the body. It should be also coupled with exercise to strengthen the immune system. Make some changes in diet to strike a balance and maintain a healthy approach. Lower the consumption of processed food items like meat and just include foods rich in herbs, fiber, vegetables and fruits. Blueberries, for example, are in fact great additions considering their low glycemic index.

Image credit: Dirk Ercken