Importance of Ultrasonic Machine for Physiotherapy

Importance of Ultrasonic Machine for PhysiotherapyIf we speak about some of the oldest treatments that have undergone many changes and offers a more reliable solution, then the list shall never get finished. Today we will talk about Ultrasound therapy which you might have heard from many people. It is one of the ancient but the most significant therapy that has been used since 1940. The therapy is operated under the guidance of physical therapists that have undergone special training and ensures that right muscles are targeted to get the appropriate solution. It is used in direct contact with the skin so that inner healing can be done quickly.

Understand the Working of Ultrasound therapy:

As said earlier, this type of therapy is performed by physical therapists. To apply this type of treatment, a round-headed wand is used on the affected muscle area. It is put direct in contact with the skin. Before application, a gel is put on the head of the skin so that there is no friction and the smooth ultra wave’s transmission occurs. Generally, the frequency of this sound treatment is set at a range of 0.8-3.0 MHz It is completely safe and easy to perform and once applied, the patient starts noticing the difference from the first day of the treatment.

Use of ultrasonic Machine:

Ultrasonic machine for physiotherapy is not only limited to healing effect but also offers many great results as well. The most common problems like muscular pain, muscle spasms and inflammation is also cured with this treatment. It also relaxes the body tissue, keeps the blood flow in control and works on the breakdown of the scar tissues. Be it an acute pain or the chronic inflammation, such type of therapy gives a quick yet lasting healing effect. Its intensity is set as per the desired effect. Usually, it is measured depending on the severity of the problem and the rate at which scar tissue can break down.

What happens during the treatment?

This is definitely one painless treatment in which the use of heat is done to relax the body muscles and tissues. This non-invasive way can also be used for phonophoresis. It is ideal for the patients who are scared of injections. During the treatment, there is an ultrasonic energy by which the medicines enter the body through the skin. In case there is any inflammation noticed, it is put under control with the help of Cortisone. The treatment is not a length process. Depending on the severity of the pain, the therapy will be carried out maximum for 10 minutes. If doctor’s goal is to break down the scar tissue, then it may take a little more extra time.

It is one of the most effective physio products which treat the common injuries such as Ligament and tendon injuries, Bursitis, Osteoarthritis, Tendonitis, and Muscle Strain and tears. During the treatment, a patient does not feel anything but if there is any kind of pain or discomfort, it should be immediately told to the physiotherapist. This treatment is completely safe ad painless but for the patients who have cancer, such treatment is not recommended.

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