Things You Should Know About Cord Blood Banking

Things You Should Know About Cord Blood BankingDo you know that your newborn baby has the ability to cure people? Yes, the blood contained in their umbilical cord has the properties that can help in many brain injuries, autism, and other medical conditions.

Here is everything you need to know about the cord banking.

 What is it?

It is the process of collecting the blood from a newborn baby’s umbilical cord. The collected blood is used for medical purposes in different medical conditions. When it comes to the parents, they have two type choices in this department. First is, donating the blood to a public bank for the benefits of any person.

The second option provides security to the family members in the future. One can save the cord blood in a private bank and use it in the future. There is a long list of cord blood banks in Mumbaihelping the parents to save their baby’s cord blood for their family.

 What is the process of collection?

The process of blood collection is very easy and doesn’t affect the newborn at all. There are three parts of the collection process.

 Step 1- The first step requires the medical professional to clamp the cord within two minutes of the birth. Then, it is cut as usual. The process needs to be done as soon as possible. Once the clotting of the blood has started, there is no use of the blood.

 Step 2- Now the expert collects 1 to 5 ounces of blood from the umbilical vein that is attached to the placenta. The needle that goes inside the vein doesn’t cause any pain to the child, so there is no need of getting worried about the safety of your baby.

 Step 3- After the ten-minute procedure of collection, the blood is sent to the bank of your choice, where it is stored after going through the testing and processing phases.

 How does it benefit the medical field?

The stem cells of this blood have the ability to repair and build new cells. It helps in many cases where the patient needs to build the immune system, repair tissues. They also help in the treatment of many diseases related to blood vessels and other organs.

In the cases when the disease is not leaving the patient and all the other treatments are failing, stem cell transplants are used to provide a new immune system to the patient, so that, he survives from the disease. This is the reason why many parents donate their newborn’s cord blood to a public cord blood banking service.

This blood has the ability to treat many diseases. According to doctors, it helps in the treatment of almost 80 different diseases. Some of the most critical diseases that get treatment with this blood include blood disorders, immune deficiency, leukemia, aplastic anemia, some type of cancers, and many others.

The field is new and the medical researchers require the support of the parents in order to achieve more knowledge about the benefits of the stem cells.

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