Dentist Recommendation: Bridges vs. Implants

A missing tooth can be replaced by either of the two ways: dental implants or dental bridges. Dentures can be a viable option here but that is an entirely different topic. Both come with a host of advantages, so it is better to consult with one’s dentist before choosing an option.
Dental Implants:
For support, they do not depend on neighbouring teeth. A false root provides the required support that gets placed by the dentist into the jaw bone. This titanium fixture gets meld with bone material via a process named Osseointegration. The implant gets completed at the time when a crown gets positioned on the fixture’s top by the dentist.
• Dental implants inhibit jaw bone loss. This loss, particularly the areas surrounding the lips, can cause the face to sag.
• Less stress is caused on the neighbouring teeth. They do not require to be filled down so as to support the fixture.
• An implant last forever if maintained carefully.
• The surgery is relatively painless but still it is a surgery. The process takes time to heal, resulting in causing complications like infections.
• Dental implants are more expensive when compared with bridges. It can be of significant amount if one is not having a fantastic dental insurance.
Dental Bridges:
Quite apt to what it sounds like. A fake tooth gets placed between two normal teeth. Crowns are positioned on the neighbouring teeth, supporting the latest addition in the form of a ‘bridge’. Two sessions are required so as to perform the bridgework.
• On an average, bridges are cheaper than implants.
• Looks exactly like the original teeth.
• Bridges don’t normally associate itself with tooth decay.
• Less intrusive when compared with surgical implants. People suffering from heart problems, diabetes and other such conditions should definitely be opting for this option.
• The neighbouring teeth are to be filled down so as to fit- in the fake tooth, causing loss of a sound structure. It destroys the sound teeth’s health in the process.
• Instead of normal dental floss, specialized tool or a threader is required by bridges for cleaning.
• The entire thing can get damaged if the neighbouring teeth develop cavity.
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Author Bio: Tim Galoger, works as a marketing consultant for Valeria Lawrence Dental office and he is an author of many articles related to law and personal injury.