Consumption of vegetable fat helpful in prostate cancer


It is much expected that on being diagnosed with cancer in the prostate a person would lose hopes of recovering. Studies and researches of recent times show a sign of relief to those who consume vegetable fat. Any doctor would agree to the results which show that people who are used to having large amounts of vegetable fats with their diet would have a less serious prostate cancer.

Studies have also shown that if some amount of carbohydrates can be replaced with vegetable fat, it can reduce the chances of succumbing to this disease. Increase in the number of deaths in the disease resulted from a higher quantity of trans fats and saturated fats in the body. If a person diagnosed with cancer in the  prostate is advised by his doctor to avoid foods rich in fats, the advice cannot be deemed as perfect.

Consumption of healthy fats is beneficial for people diagnosed with this disease as it minimizes the death risk after the diagnosis. Thus, keeping fats aside cannot be the correct advice to follow. This does not indicate that unhealthy fats are permissible to go into the diet as they would only end up worsening the situation and increasing the likelihood of death.

The study shows that such men who have twenty one percent of the diet constituted of vegetable fats have their death risks lowered to one third. The risk of the cancer taking a serious form is also reduced in such people. People that have animal fats in their diet have greater likelihood for dying of this cancer. It is not just that the animal fats fast forward death due to prostate cancer, but also increases the risk of death in general.

How is it that the recent studies reveal facts that are in stark opposition to what have been advised by the doctor for so long? The studies reveal that since antioxidants are contained in the vegetable fats, they help in the reduction of inflammation of body. This hinders prostate cancer from spreading.

Recent surveys have shown that one in every 36 men die of this disease in US every year. The number can definitely be reduced with the inclusion of vegetable fats into the diet. The options for treatment and the dietary requirements should be discussed with the doctor. However, reduction in the intake of processed foods and animal protein and inclusion of vegetables and fruits into the diet can help.

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