Can chiropractic care help to treat diabetes

The thought of reducing neck and back pain always play at the back of one’s mind at the time of visiting a chiropractor. Now they can add diabetes to that list as chiropractors recently have come up with a number of ways in reducing the symptoms of diabetes. A study revealed recently that 1 in every 3 men and 1 in every 5 women being born after 2000 will be developing diabetes sometime during their lifetime. This calls for the need of alternative methods in chiropractic care to be developed.

Chiropractor in JupiterPatients diagnosed with diabetes already might find the efforts of a chiropractor to be of great help as far as managing their symptoms are concerned. Now, one may start wondering on how getting one’s spine adjusted is in any way related to the regulation of blood sugar. Basically, the thing is that it all depends on the overall working of the body.

Numerous nerves are travelling throughout the entire system. A reduced pancreatic function can be noticed if one is having a disturbance in the functioning of their upper or back neck nerves. This automatically will be reducing the body’s ability in generating appropriate blood sugar regulating enzymes and will result in the resistance of insulin. This is the gateway in developing hypoglycaemia or diabetes.

The functioning of one particular area inside a body affects the other parts. Thus, if the neck’s nerves are pinched due to improper alignment, it will be affecting the functioning of the entire system. So, chiropractic care is important for the overall health. Chiropractic care not only helps in the regulation of the blood sugar and preventing diabetes or reducing its symptoms, it also improves the overall health if the adjustments are practised on a daily basis.

This notion is confirmed by several studies. There exists a relationship between blood sugar levels, chiropractic and nerve function. Vertebral Subluxation Research’s journal published a study where it stated that for the overall treatment of the adult diabetes, visiting a chiropractor is quite effective. An exercise-based program and nutritional counselling were devised too. A month long study revealed that the participants who’d undergone the procedure showed a more normal and stable levels of blood sugar.

Now, one is not saying that getting under the wings of a chiropractor should be the ultimate form of treating diabetes. But it surely can be a great supplement to the age-old treatments such as dietary management, insulin and exercise. It is still important to monitor one’s blood sugar levels. However, the above study was successful in showing some excellent results for managing diabetes for the long run.

Author Bio: Tony Rollan is working with Chiropractor of Jupiter and he is an author of many articles on alternative medicine, natural healing and chiropractic services. Author talks about the chiropractic services which may help in the diabetes treatment.