Red Eye Causes and How to Treat Red Eyes

Red Eye Causes and How to Treat Red EyesThere are many causes of eye redness. Sometimes this condition is temporary and passes on its own in just a few hours. In other cases, an unpleasant symptom may be disturbed constantly, and even accompanied by unpleasant sensations. When red eyes – a temporary problem, and when – a reason to immediately contact an ophthalmologist.

Habits and lifestyle as the cause of red eyes

Eyes may turn red due to inflammation, problems with blood vessels or high blood pressure. And oddly enough, all these processes can be started not by illness, but only by human habits. According to ophthalmologists, almost half of all cases of reddened eyes and noticeable vascular pattern are the result of a wrong lifestyle. Among the most common factors provoking the state:

  • General fatigue, hard work. After heavy loads in the eyes may increase the pressure, which provokes a violation of blood circulation.
  • Lack of sleep. In order for the eyes to rest sufficiently and to be ready for the loads of the next day, it is necessary to sleep 8 hours. Especially characterized by red eyes for people with chronic sleep deprivation.
  • Long stay at the computer, long watching TV. Medical studies have shown that a person in front of a monitor can blink several times less than usual. This leads to the fact that the conjunctiva (the shell covering the eye) begins to dry up excessively, its functions are violated. This leads to dry eye syndrome – reducing the production of tears.
  • Stress and nervous tension. Blood pressure may increase, which affects the blood circulation in the eye vessels.
  • Alcohol abuse. Alcohol intoxication strongly affects the cardiovascular system, and it is the smallest eye capillaries that often suffer first.
  • Smoking. Nicotine is bad for the characteristics of the blood itself (increases blood clots) and makes the walls of blood vessels less elastic. This leads to damage to the capillaries and hemorrhages.

Allergy and its prevention

One of the main causes of reddened eyes are different types of allergies. Often, this is how the body reacts to substances in the air – pollen, dust, smog, microparticles of animal hair and feathers of birds, household chemicals.

In this case, the redness can be quite intense and is always accompanied by itching and increased tearing. Also begins rhinitis, sneezing, breathing problems may occur.

Allergies can be dangerous for the health of the eyes, because itching causes a person to rub their eyes and brush them. And this only worsens the condition, can lead to inflammation, edema and violation of the integrity of the conjunctiva. Therefore, it is not uncommon against the background of an allergic reaction that ophthalmologic diseases, for example, conjunctivitis, develop.

In the presence of allergic reactions, it is important for a person to stop contact with the allergen as soon as possible. In case of eye irritation, it is often enough to wash them with water.

To prevent allergic reactions, follow these rules:

  • Carefully choose makeup and skin care products around the eyes. Remember that various creams and masks are applied at a distance of at least from the edge of the eyelids.
  • For people who use lenses, it is important to discuss with an ophthalmologist possible allergies and how to eliminate them. If the eyes are constantly inflamed, you will have to replace the lenses with glasses.
  • When working with aerosols (insecticides and other tools in the garden, household chemicals for cleaning the apartment) it is better to protect the eyes with transparent glasses.
  • In the presence of allergies, it is necessary to take antihistamines as a prophylactic before possible contact with the allergen.

When to contact an Ophthalmologist

The eye is a rather tender organ, and very often the infectious processes that develop in it are rapidly progressing. Ophthalmologic diseases may be complicated by deterioration or loss of vision, therefore, it is unacceptable to postpone a visit to the doctor.

Red eyes, or rather, their cause – hemorrhages, can talk about other diseases. The fact is that the eye is supplied with a network of the smallest capillaries, which are the first to suffer with various disorders in the body. So, very often red eyes are observed in people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, including hypertension. They are also characteristic of those who suffer from diabetes, and in this case there will be a noticeable decrease in visual acuity. Capillaries can be damaged as a result of intoxication in case of acute respiratory illness, in particular, with the flu.

Picture Credit: Pixabay