Uncommon Signs Of Breast Cancer

5 rare signs of breast cancerBreast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the world, which most often affects women, and much less often men.

The risk of developing this disease increases with age, however, early detection of the disease gives much better chances of treatment.

That is why every woman should be able to detect the signs of breast cancer.

Among the most common signs of breast cancer are:

  • breast tightness,
  • changes in their structure,
  • skin changes,
  • discharge from the nipples, etc.

Itching and pain

Breast pain and tenderness before or during the period, as well as slight itching, are completely normal. However, if these symptoms do not go away, you should consult a doctor, because they can warn of breast cancer.

Most often, the cause of swelling, tingling, and pain in the chest area is inflammatory cancer, which also manifests itself with such obvious signs as peeling skin, cellulite, small blue spots on the skin, etc.

In this case, it is important to start acting immediately, because this type of cancer progresses very quickly.

Back pain

It is very important to know that certain types of cancer often develop deep in the breast tissue, and this causes back or rib pain. The same applies to metastasis, which occurs when the disease spreads.

Pain and sensitivity of the armpits

The armpits are the area of the body where the signs of cancer appear first. Many studies have shown that lymph nodes in the armpit can indicate cancer, just as lymph nodes in the neck and throat can sometimes indicate the flu.

Swollen and painful, they can easily become a sign of breast cancer, long before other symptoms appear in the breast area.

First of all, you need to compare the armpits and determine whether there is any difference or discomfort. If you notice something, be sure to consult a doctor.

Of course, such symptoms do not indicate breast cancer in all cases.

Changes in nipples and discharge

The most obvious cancer is in the area under the nipple. Malignant cells in breast tissue can cause changes in their appearance and sensitivity. The nipple also sometimes takes on an unusual texture and becomes more sensitive.

Another obvious symptom is the discharge of fluid, blood, or milk, not during lactation. This happens when a tumor forms in or behind the milk duct.

In both cases, you need to undergo an examination, because it is important to start treating the disease in time.

Changes in the shape

Many women diagnosed with breast cancer have noticed obvious changes in their shape. For example, one remained round and the other became oval. There are also cases of women in whom only a certain part of the breast changed, and therefore they began to look uneven.

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