Skin Clearing Foods: Healthy Eating and Clearing Spots

Skin Clearing Foods: Healthy Eating and Clearing SpotsThe condition of the skin depends on the food that a person consumes. Any rash, itching, redness – this is a consequence of slagging of the body. Plus, bad ecology, stress, hormonal disruptions, medication. All together, it will be extremely negative impact on the skin. But not always the problem of acne is solved by changing the diet. Most often, treatment is limited to special creams, ointments or a visit to a beautician. But skin diseases should always be treated from the inside. In addition to cleansing the body with the help of sorbents, it is also necessary to exclude some food. What principles of nutrition to adhere to for the treatment of acne will be considered further.

What to eat to become beautiful
First of all, nutrition should be balanced. In the diet every day should be present and proteins, and fats and carbohydrates. Sugar needs to be minimized; this is the main source of skin imperfections. Water will be a great helper in toxin cleansing. Drink water daily and your skin will feel much better. Plus, you can solve the problems with edema, the main thing is not to drink a lot of fluid in the evening. And now we give specific examples of products that should be included in the diet for problem skin:

Non fatty meats. Chicken fillet, beef, turkey. A great option for those who can not without meat.

Fish and seafood. Also, you need to choose non-oily species of fish, marine or river. Seafood is an excellent source of protein and does not affect the sebaceous glands.

Lemon. Can be added to water or salads as a dressing. Lemon will be a great helper in the immune system and help fight inflammation.

Vegetables and fruits. They contain fiber, which has a great effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract. If the daily diet consists of 70% of fiber, in addition to cleansing the body of toxins, excess weight will quickly go away.

Legumes. A good source of protein, suitable as a side dish to meat or as a part of green salad.

Herbal teas. It is necessary to replace them with the usual coffee or black tea. The benefits are much greater, and with a variety of useful herbs, you can change the taste of tea, depending on your mood.

Products provoking skin rash:

Fast food.  It is necessary to exclude everything that prepares quickly and harmful.

Flour products. Any baking always provokes the appearance of skin rashes. And doctors first of all recommend to refuse flour. If there is absolutely no possibility to refuse bread, then it is better to replace the wheat with cereal.

Soda, packaged juices. They contain a huge amount of sugar, which directly affects the condition of the skin.

Artificial fats. These include mayonnaise, sunflower oil, margarine, all sorts of shop sauces. All this is solid cholesterol, which makes the skin oily and contributes to the appearance of extra pounds.

Alcohol. The problem is that it is a strong diuretic. But besides toxins, it also removes water from the body. As a result, in the morning, along with dehydration, you can earn more and dry skin.

Fried food. Frying in oil is a direct path to gastritis and acne. It is best to cook on the grill or in a double boiler.

If you have chronic diseases on your skin, then proper nutrition alone is indispensable. You need to make an appointment with a dermatologist who will prescribe a drug treatment.

Taking care of your body will definitely bear fruit. You need to understand that what we eat, directly affects both health and beauty. Sit at the table in a good mood, prepare healthy dishes, chew food thoroughly, do not seize the stress. Food is needed to live, not vice versa.

Picture Credit: Pablo Merchán Montes