How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus: Anxiety and Immunity

How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus: Anxiety and Immunity

The lockdown during a pandemic significantly reduces people’s ability to control stress levels.

Healthy lifestyle components

Our lifestyle consists of six essential components: sleep, nutrition, water, physical activity, psycho-emotional balance, and bad habits.

Refusal of alcoholic beverages, regular use of a sufficient amount of water, healthy nutrition are three key factors in good metabolism.

As for physical exercises, you should always maintain a balance – cardio, strength exercises, stretching exercises, as well as coordination exercises.

Causes of coronavirus complications

According to statistics, a fatal outcome caused by complications of coronavirus infection is most often observed in older people.

With age, intoxication increases in a person, metabolism is disturbed. But not the passage of time leads to problems, but the errors accumulated with age. Therefore, acute viral intoxication becomes the factor that exacerbates all problems and disrupts adaptation, causing fatal cases.

Not the age of the patient plays a key role, but human immunity, as an integral indicator of health status.

“Age-related” changes become noticeable in old age, but they are formed before this for years and even decades. And it is important to understand that starting the chain back is not a question of the external context, but a matter of personal choice. People who actively manage their health can become healthier with age.

Immunity improvement

Today, the main recommendations – to wear masks, not to go out on the streets, to sneeze on the elbow, and so on – are aimed at the external environment. But no one advises us to increase our immunity.

For example, it is much more beneficial to walk and breathe the fresh air to saturate the body with oxygen. This is important not only for the respiratory system but also for blood circulation. And this is definitely more useful than sitting at home, watching TV, scrolling through Facebook and being afraid, increasing stress levels, and lowering immunity.

Immunity and mental health

Our mental health suffers greatly in stressful situations that have surrounded us in recent months. Do not worry about what is happening outside the window.

Strengthening the immune system is the best thing you should do in this situation. And in this context, quarantine measures can turn into an opportunity, not a threat, for you. You can finally read your favorite book, spend time with your family, and start actively managing your main resource – your health. Thus, you will not only increase your productivity in all areas of life but also protect yourself and your loved ones from potential threats.

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