Herbal and natural treatments for anxiety

Natural Anxiety RemediesAnxiety can cause severe disturbances in the health of a person. This discussion forms the third to the series on the cause and treatment of anxiety. There have been discussions about the treatments of anxiety that were not medicinal. Today, we would be concerned with discussing the herbal cures to the trouble of anxiety. These cures will not just offer cure to the trouble of anxiety style=”line-height: 1.714285714; font-size: 1rem;”> but would also handle conditions of stress. But, before starting with a remedy, it is crucial to consult the doctor because it may aggravate an underlying health condition.

The herbs for curing anxiety are:

Valerian root

This herb has immunizing effect on anxiety. The herbs cannot be said to be anxiolytic. However, they provide relief to anxiety symptoms. It helps the body to relax and relievesit from such sensations as agitation, breathlessness, racing thoughts, and muscle tension. This also aids good sleep.


Kava is an anxiolytic, and in its functions is similar to that of prescribed drugs. This herb contains kavalactones, an ingredient that boosts GBA levels in brain that again helps in keeping steady serotinine in body. However, it must not be taken alongside other medicines and consumption of alcohol should also be avoided.


Not an herb, magnesium has much to do for controlling anxiety symptoms. Deficiency of magnesium causes symptoms of anxiety. Taking supplement can help control such symptoms.


This has far milder properties than Kava. Passionflower can control the anxiety symptoms to some extent.