Foods To Eat If You’re Always Hungry

What helps to satisfy hunger?When you are hungry, it is better to eat foods that saturate the body without overloading it with large amounts of fat or sugar.

Sounds like something unreal? We will tell you what dishes can satisfy hunger and do not require a strict diet.

What helps to satisfy hunger?

Everything a person eats affects him in different ways. In particular, it is important how much food fills the stomach, as well as how much you like food.

Foods vary depending on their ability to satisfy hunger. That’s why eating a salad with lettuce and tomatoes is quite different from eating a plate of pasta.

For a dish to be hearty, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a high protein content
  • Contain a lot of fiber
  • Have more water
  • Contain low calories (relative to your weight)
  • Foods, that do not undergo processing or refining

Foods that quench hunger and are useful

Today we will talk about foods that are not only filling but also useful (or at least much more useful than fast food and sweets).

Boiled potatoes

Although it is usually recommended to be removed from diets for weight loss, boiled potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, and carbohydrates.

In addition, it contains fiber and protein, while the fat content is low. Due to this, boiled potatoes are more filling.


This porridge for breakfast is a guarantee that you will not feel hungry until mid-morning or lunch.

This grain porridge contains a lot of fiber and vegetable protein, which perfectly satisfies hunger for several hours. Combine oatmeal with yogurt or milk to achieve an even greater effect.


These fruits are a great source of fiber, which “turns off” the message to the brain that you need to eat more. It is perfect for breakfast, morning snacks, or dessert.

Apple stabilizes blood sugar levels and helps maintain proper water in the body. This will make you feel fuller for longer and also prevent fluid retention.


It is another food with a rather bad reputation, as many people claim that they contain too much cholesterol. They are nutritious, especially their yolks.

Antioxidants in eggs (lutein, zeaxanthin, etc.) quench hunger for several hours.

If you replace the bread or pastries you eat for breakfast with a boiled egg, you will be able to feel fuller, consuming fewer calories.


This delicious citrus fruit contains a lot of fiber, which reduces the feeling of hunger.

We recommend eating oranges because they contain vitamin C, which supports the immune system. It is also a fruit that has many culinary uses. For example, it is a part of juices, desserts, etc.


If you eat walnuts in moderation, there is no reason to worry about their caloric content. Eat a maximum of a handful a day, and you will be able to feel their useful properties (in particular, satiety).

Walnuts contain useful fats and carbohydrates that stay in the stomach longer than other foods.

Vegetable Soup

For vegetable soup to be both hearty and healthy, it must be prepared from fresh vegetables. In other words, dried dressings or instant soups do not count.

The soup contains a lot of water, which fills the stomach for a long time and quenches the feeling of hunger for the next few hours.

You can also make great cream soups by whipping zucchini, carrots, peas, etc. (don’t forget to use only skim milk or cream to reduce calories).


Legumes in general and lentils, in particular, are particularly well suited to satisfy hunger. They saturate the body with a large dose of plant proteins and fiber.

So, a bowl of lentils with a boiled egg and tomatoes can be a great dinner that will provide a feeling of satiety for several hours and help to refrain from constant snacks during the day.

Mint Tea

The smell of mint tea is great for relaxing and helps to overcome hunger in a few minutes.

In addition to using the aroma of mint, this plant can also be added to tea. Drink it between breakfast and lunch when you are hungry and want to have a snack.

Mint tea also has other benefits. For example, it promotes digestion and prevents colic.

Lean Meat

Due to its protein content, meat is one of the most nutritious foods. However, to be considered a healthy food, meat must be lean.

A low-fat steak for lunch with a bean salad or boiled potatoes will help control hunger until the evening.

The next time you need to quench your hunger, eat these foods and your body and appetite will only thank you!

Picture Credit: Pexels