The Characteristics of Anxiety

What is AnxietyAnxiety is something that every single person has experienced in his or her life. Though in common language, people make anxiety one with what is worry or nervousness, in reality, anxiety differs greatly. This is a more complex psychological state. The diagnosis and the treatment of this disorder are as complex as the disorder. There may or may not be a perceptible physical or concrete reason for anxiety. Though anxiety also causes fear, the latter doesn’t always cause anxiety. Fear always takes an obvious reason while anxiety doesn’t. Here are some of the major types of anxiety disorders.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

People affected by this kind of anxiety can experience such symptoms as tension, worry, dread. The situations may not be one to worry about or the worry must be in excess of the actual state of affairs.

Panic Disorder

This can include panic attack that may be caused due to some thought which can be completely irrelevant or out of context. This can be in response either to stressors that acre real or may even have other reasons. Symptoms of such disorder are sweating, racing heart, and inability to catch breath.

Social Anxiety

There are people who experience a stressful situation when surrounded by people. What worries them is others’ judgment about them. This is the cause for anxiety in such people that arises from excessive self consciousness. Such people, though are aware of the irrationality of their feeling and behavior, avoid being part of social event s and gatherings due to their fear.

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