Specialties of Newly Launched LuxOR Surgical Microscope

LuxOR_ophthalmic_equipmentIn the recent few years, optical sector has witnessed drastic advancements to such extent that it has facilitated better visualization of the posterior and anterior segments of the human eye at the time of ad before the beginning of the surgery. Latest types of ophthalmic surgical microscopes are easily adaptable towards the ASCs, providing highly improved illumination, compact footprints and better ergonomics. In fact, the microscopic devices of the present times have become highly efficient and capable of providing digital records. Even, people can easily network such microscopes in easy way. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the newly launched LuxOR surgical microscope.

LuxOR Surgical Microscope

After the acquisition of the Endure Medical Systems by Alcon Company, it has included LuxOR ophthalmic surgical microscopic devices into its already existing portfolio of the optical products. The newly launched microscopic devices are perfectly suitable in the delivery of the consistent and comprehensive visualization, along with the user-friendly functions at the time of performing cataract surgery in ASC. According to the statement of the Stuart Raetzman, International Commercial Strategy head of Alcon, “Complete product line of different types of ophthalmic microscopes has dramatically enhanced the cataract surgical portfolio of our company. In fact, Cataract surgeons will definitely appreciate the total depth of the perception and details incorporated by the surgical microscopic devices in combination with the provided exclusive illumination technology.”

Plans of Alcon Company and ILLUMIN-i Technology

Alcon Company has planned about the launch of the worldwide phased rolling out of the microscope in the coming years. Professionals associated with the Alcon Group have further said that the microscopic devices will feature patented ILLUMIN-i technology. This is one of the sophisticated technologies, which can allow for stable and high qualities of red reflexes, which is about 6 times bigger as compared to the red reflex zones designed by different types of conventional microscopes. ILLUMIN-i technology may often provide detailed recognition, premium visualization and contrast, in combination with the penetrating the depth of the focus.


ILLUMIN-i Technology

ILLUMIN-i technology associated with ophthalmic microscope is capable of generating collimated and non-focused light, which may help in the formation of the red reflex zone of large size. In this case, experts always show their intentions towards the maintenance of the red reflex of very high quality, regardless of the centration, pupil size, tilting of the lenses and movements of the eyes of the patients. In fact, you can consider this as one of the proprietary methods associated with the positioning of the source of light beneath the objective lens. The method may help in providing long focal length by maintaining the working distance. In addition, the method may help in providing useful focus depth in combination with the clear visualization.

LuxOR ophthalmic surgical microscope is capable of providing instant access to various unique parameters in the form of focus and XY position with the help of communication system of LIBERO-XY. Wireless foot control in combination with the completely colored touch screen may help in the customization of the preferable settings for assuring about set up of the device in efficient way as possible.