Finding the Suitable Autorefractor Keratometer

CJ-EZER_ERK-5200_Autorefractor-KeratometerThe autorefractor keratometer is used to measure the level of refractive error in the eye. Optical conditions such as nearsightedness and farsightedness are usually caused by this refractive error. When this ophthalmology instrument is used, adequate refraction and keratometry readings are obtained to help the physician determine the most suitable lenses for the patient.

Brand new autorefractor keratometers can be quite pricey. There are companies that specialize in repairing and refurbishing optical and ophthalmic equipment like autorefractor keratometer in order to offer them at a low cost price. Vision Systems Inc is one such company that offers high quality equipment repaired by expertly trained technicians. Customers can enjoy these unsurpassed quality products which come at very low cost prices, suitable warranties and lifetime maintenance support. Let’s look at some of the autorefractor keratometers refurbished by this company and the features which make them stand out from the rest.

The Ezer ERK-5200 autorefractor keratometer offers accurate measurement results using some of its high-tech features. This keratometer can even be connected to a number of digital devices to enhance the speed and accuracy when displaying results. With this instrument, patients can be able to get a clear view of the results on an external monitor. The instrument also comes with a 6.4 inch LCD. It also has multi-networking features to make it easier for the user to create huge refraction centers. Another added benefit of this keratometer is that the user does not have to record the patient’s prescription manually. The prescription results can be automatically transferred from the autorefractor to a digital refractor.

Marco Nidek ARK 500A is another high quality autorefractor keratometer refurbished by Vision Systems Inc. This instrument is mostly used in a busy practice due to its compact and effective nature. It is an excellent choice for first timers since it is very easy to operate. This instrument has a modern looking design and gives different types of readings. You can get the keratometer readings, refractive readings as well as a combination of refractive/keratometer readings and IOL function. The instrument is suitably designed with a tilt able screen to allow the operator to get readings from any given position.

The Canon RK-5 Auto refractor keratometer is known to offer a wide measurement range. This one can be used to record retinal illumination which is commonly referred to as lens opacity. It is easy to identify the most suitable contact lens for a patient using this instrument. You can also obtain the corneal diameter using the RK-5. The beast thing about this instrument is the fact that it is easy to perform all measuring tasks. You can even connect the unit to a printer, either Canon BJ or LBP models.

VSI repairs a wide range of autorefractor keratometers. This equipment is refurbished to look and function as new. You do not have to worry about their quality because the company offers warranties and maintenance support. Take advantage of this and get a high quality autorefractor keratometer from Vision Systems Inc ( at an incredibly low price.